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GenoSource was formed in 2014 by a diverse group of individuals with a history in the dairy industry. Our goal is to produce elite genetics for the industry whether its through cows, heifers, embryos or semen.

GenoSource has already exceeded the +2900 GTPI and +1000 NM$ mark! We believe in milking a herd of cows with a high genetic level will be profitable cows. An extensive Embryo Transfer program will allow us to supply the world with genetics and achieve our goals of milking the most profitable cows possible – genetics can be the driving force to success.

GenoSource consist of a 2800 cow dairy sitting on 129 acres just outside of Blairstown, IA. Cows are milked 3x on a 60 cow rotary parlor. GenoSource also has a 600 cow dairy located in Quincy, IL on 54 acres. This site milks 2x in a double 12 herringbone parlor. Lastly, we have a 2,100 acre grass and row crop farm that assists in raising our heifers in Fremont, IA.

GenoSource takes a great team effort from all angles and we thank all of our employees for there efforts put forward each day!